Realigning Yoga


Realigning Yoga

New Directions in Yoga Anatomy and Movement Research

This online program features 9 leading experts in the field of yoga exploring the newest developments in anatomy, biomechanics, movement and stretching.

A concise and in depth exploration presented by  some of the leading yoga experts. Trina will be presenting Biomechanical exercise principles that allow you to regress or progress ANY exercise, pose or human movement.

Thursdays from June 22nd to July 6th 2017.

Cost: only $87

Download and watch anytime!

  • The latest research on the science of stretching
  • Yoga & chronic pain research & strategies
  • Motor learning principles to enhance student learning
  • Building blocks of movement
  • Sacroiliac joint anatomy & biomechanics
  • Hip joint alignment analysis.
  • Regression & progression exercise principles.
  • Yoga & Rolfing