Yoga Tune Up®

DSC_5551What is Yoga Tune Up®?

When it comes to optimizing your health, you need to know your body and how to care for it. I teach Yoga Tune Up® as an integrated inside-out approach: a playful way to explore the micro-regions of your body’s anatomy and break through the body blind spots that keep you bogged down in patterns of tension and pain.

Yoga Tune Up® combines elements of yoga, conscious corrective exercise, and self-massage to tap into your body’s own intelligence. Taking into account the wear and tear of our daily lives, YTU helps to balance out those areas of your body that are overused, underused, misused, or abused.

I have studied Yoga Tune Up® with its creator Jill Miller since 2008 and have gone on to train hundreds of YTU teachers. As a lead YTU Integrated Teacher Trainer, I help people from all walks of life heal dysfunctional patterns of movement, restore their natural strength and flexibility, all while inviting a sense of creativity, spirit, and wonder into their body and their lives.

To book a Yoga Tune Up® workshop, training, or immersion at your studio please contact Trina. 

When you take a class, workshop or training taught by Trina, you know right away that you’re in the hands of a truly outstanding, competent, highly skilled and generous teacher. Trina’s passion and commitment in helping her students move better in their bodies is palpable on many levels. Trina is able to communicate movement concepts in a fun, playful and light-hearted way.   I left Trina’s class feeling as though I had been taken on a journey of self-discovery led by a master teacher who cares deeply. As a yoga teacher who has studied with many wonderful teachers, I can’t recommend Trina and her classes enough. You will be given a gift.

Sylvia del Valle Garcia RYT, Yoga Tune Up® & Y4C Teacher