Tunnel Vision: Guest Post with Trina Altman

Tunnel Vision: There’s so much more going on than what’s in front of your eyes

We bipedal humans focused on what’s in front of us. Our eyes are forward-facing lenses through which we orient ourselves and navigate the world. But what are we missing?

Being tech savvy takes a toll on the body. When we spend all our time staring at screens, we seldom have an opportunity or need to use our peripheral vision. Additionally, many exercise machines, including treadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals, keep our eyes glued forward. Unfortunately, the end result is that many of us have poor proprioception, or a lack of awareness of where our bodies are in space. Given that many of our students have difficulty sensing where they are in space, it can make teaching coronal plane exercises challenging in a reformer class.

I absolutely love the side-over on the reformer, except when I don’t. The experience of shooting through the air like a torpedo with only my outer ankle pressed against a thin strip of fabric makes me feel like a daredevil. However, I find it frustrating that no matter how hard I try, I can’t tell if my spine is in alignment, unless I have a mirror in front of me. This is a proprioception problem, which inspired me to design a workshop to prepare myself and my students to practice side-over, without always feeling like we’re doing it incorrectly.

One of the many exercises I teach in my Pilates Deconstructed® Side-Over Explorations Workshop is called the “Buoyant Boomerang.” It is a relaxing and dynamic side stretch that mimics the movement of the side-over, while providing feedback to help you feel where your body is in space.

Watch the video below and give this “sliding side-over” a try.



If you want more fun creative preparatory exercises to help you and your students navigate the side over,  then check out my online Pilates Deconstructed® Side-Over Explorations workshop.

In addition to giving you a deeper understanding of the Side-Over, this workshop will teach you how to safely challenge students in a multi-level reformer class and will give a framework for deconstructing movement patterns to better serve your students in private sessions.

This continuing education workshop has been approved by the PMA for 3 CEC’s

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