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Words of gratitude from the Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainees:

“Trina is a brilliant movement innovator. She brings poses that are somewhat familiar to new heights of kinesthetic embodiment and exploration. 

After walking away from her Shoulder’s Immersion I felt I not only learned healthy shoulder mechanics but the missing link I needed to go from a good teacher to an awesome innovative teacher. Trina pulls back the curtain and teaches the secret sauce of progressing and regressing exercises so that everyone in a group class feels challenged and met at their skill level.

This workshop blew past my linear thinking about asana and has made me way more creative in how I lead classes.

Thank again Trina! Your workshop has changed the way I teach. I can’t wait to study with you again.” 

Yelimar Rodriguez
Vinyasa & Yoga Tune Up® Instructor
Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner

“Pilates Deconstructed Workshops provide tools for movement experts to learn how to refine and improve their skills. Being a physical therapist and Feldenkrais-Pilates teacher, I am always looking for a good instructor who helps us embody the essence of somatic learning. Trina never fails me.”

-Stacy Barrows, PT, DPT, GCFP, PMA®-CPT
Inventor, author of The Smartroller® Guide and products
Director of Century City Physical Therapy

“When you take a class, workshop or training taught by Trina, you know right away that you’re in the hands of a truly outstanding, competent, highly skilled and generous teacher. Trina’s passion and commitment in helping her students move better in their bodies is palpable on many levels. Trina is able to communicate movement concepts in a fun, playful and light-hearted way.   I left Trina’s class feeling as though I had been taken on a journey of self-discovery led by a master teacher who cares deeply. As a yoga teacher who has studied with many wonderful teachers, I can’t recommend Trina and her classes enough. You will be given a gift.”

-Sylvia del Valle Garcia RYT, Yoga Tune Up® & Y4C Teacher

“Working with Trina Altman will dramatically and positively affect your quality of life. Most recently I went to her with sciatic pain in my legs. She began by teaching me how to release the tissues of my low back. Next, she introduced a sequence of several small, gentle movements and then put them all together. I immediately felt a change in my range of motion and relief from the compression caused by pinched nerves. By the end of our session, I was pain-free. Trina incorporates multiple disciplines in her work with clients using her vast knowledge and understanding of the body. Her thoughtfulness and passion make her an exceptional teacher. Thank you, Trina. You absolutely enhance the quality of my life. What you accomplished with me today was magical to me. You are exceptional!”

-Nadine Nakanishi, Private Client

“Trina was a masterful instructor – so kind engaging, individual and knowledgeable. Everything a teacher needs to be! I loved learning the directions of movement and cueing poses within them. Most importantly, I know bony landmarks (names & places) and muscles names and places now. I never knew any of this before and now I love it, which I never thought I would! The YTU Integrated Embodied Anatomy training literally taught me everything I now know! I knew literally nothing about anatomy but now I WILL remember it because I felt it in myself & others. I think I can help my sister with nursing school now.”

-Alex Gandy, YTU Integrated Embodied Anatomy Trainee

“I had a feeling that Pilates would be good for me, but had no idea till I met you how restorative it could be not only FOR my body, but in partnership WITH my body! Your guidance, encouragement, and the light of your spirit will be a part of my foundation as I continue on this path towards my goals when you move to California. You have been such a gift to me.”

-Cindy Reed, PhD, Private Client

“Thank you for your kindness and support, your laughter and sense of play, your deep (and deepening) wisdom, insight, and resourcefulness. I’m so happy that our paths crossed and that I’ve had time to be with and learn from you, You are an extraordinarily skillful teacher and I am grateful for all that I have received because of you. I know that I will keep integrating the gems of knowing you’ve so generously shared, so while I will really miss you when you move to California, your wonderful presence will still be felt.”

-Cathy Chun, Private Client

“Although exercise has been an important part of my daily life for the past 25 years, Pilates and yoga therapy have introduced me to muscles I never knew I had before! Trina has been a guide and teacher throughout the process to demonstrate the skills needed. Her professionalism and support is what makes the lessons exciting and motivating. Trina is a standout!”

-Elinor Livingston, Ph.D., Private Client

-Your Yoga Students at Body and Balance, Iowa City, Iowa

“I want to thank you Trina and Sarah – this whole experience has been so great for me. After years of haphazardly studying anatomy on my own, I’m finally beginning to understand how my body works on a muscular level. Huzaaah! You both did an amazing job in the Level 1 Teacher Training helping us integrate the information. I’m so looking forward to the anatomy training this fall! I feel better informed, more confident teaching in a safe way, and stronger on my journey towards continued body learning. Completing the final exam really solidified what I learned in the training. THANK YOU! You both are skilled teachers. Being good at something doesn’t necessarily make someone a good teacher – you two are both passionate, skilled practitioners, AND skilled teachers.”

-Dr. Elise Gibney, PhD

“A million thanks for your efforts. I am so glad I attended the Level 1 Training. It is literally a game changer. I am eager to put my learnings to work and realize how much more there is to learn. I’m EXCITED. What I most appreciated about my experience was your accountability, compassion, humor, and expertise. The material was superb and the delivery was exceptional. A very “safe, supportive” container was created. Thank you!”

-Ellen Bain, MA Sports Administration

“You were a great teacher for me, helping me ease back into my yoga practice. Your classes have been a Godsend, helping me to heal and focus on what I need in order to return back to balance. My body feels great and the yoga is feeding my soul, helping me to let go of fear and to live well in the midst of all the uncertainty. Now THAT is what I call GROWTH. Namaste!”

-John Jadryev, Yoga Instructor

“Trina’s Pilates Tune Up® Reformer class is a wonderfully unique class like no other. Trina is so knowledgeable and I love learning from her! She has such a masterful way of combining different movement modalities. Her effervescent energy and “adorable,” yet very effective cues keep me coming back to class again and again.”

-Kristen Barlok, Pilates Instructor

“Thank you so much for all the ways you’ve supported me in my Pilates journey. Your generosity of spirit, sense of humor, and healing spirit are such a gift.”

-Lisa McDonough, Pilates Instructor

“Trina is a wonderful teacher! I love her cheerful personality and excellent knowledge of body mechanics. Trina’s Yoga Tune Up® class is my favorite class at Equinox and I always look forward to attending it!”

-Karen Miller

I loved Trina’s Break It Down: Regress to Progress online course for so many reasons!

As a teacher for 200 and 300 hour trainings around the world, I like to offer “process oriented” organizational strategies to my students. The material in Trina’s Regress to Progress course provides an organized system that teaches you how to make logical, intelligent choices when progressing or regressing any yoga pose, exercise, or human movement.

I found the course to be extremely clear and easy to understand and I really appreciated how the information was presented in a linear, step by step manner.

I find that a lot of teachers understand modifications and pose variations but aren’t able to clearly articulate why something is a progression or regression. This course provides the critical thinking skills needed to articulate the WHY!

Because of this and all of her other excellent offerings, I have directed many of my students to her work.

-Rocky Heron
Yoga Maze Teacher Trainer

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