Break It Down: Regress to Progress
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Have you been trying to teach creative group yoga and Pilates classes that are informed by modern movement science?

Are you struggling to strike a balance between educating your private clients and group class students while still providing a playful and challenging experience?

Do you want your group class students to learn new movement skills rather than reinforcing their compensatory patterns?

Are you more interested in the movement journey and learning experience than the final destination?

Do you want to challenge your brain, not just your body during your movement practice?

This course will empower to do all of the above and more!

In this 35 minute online course you will learn principles of regression and progression that you can apply to any yoga pose, exercise or human movement.

Rather than trying to memorize specific modifications and variations for hundreds of poses and exercises, you will learn HOW to use your critical thinking skills and then APPLY them to yourself and your students.

As a teacher, the concepts and tools you’ll learn in this course will prepare you to problem solve IN THE MOMENT and EMPOWER your private clients and group class students to achieve their goals while having fun!

This course is a combination of lecture slides and movement. You will learn not just by reading, seeing, and hearing, but also by FEELING and MOVING.

The course is $30 and is yours to keep forever.

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  1. Dev

    I loved Trina’s Break It Down: Regress to Progress online course for so many reasons!

    As a teacher for 200 and 300 hour trainings around the world, I like to offer “process oriented” organizational strategies to my students. The material in Trina’s Regress to Progress course provides an organized system that teaches you how to make logical, intelligent choices when progressing or regressing any yoga pose, exercise, or human movement.

    I found the course to be extremely clear and easy to understand and I really appreciated how the information was presented in a linear, step by step manner.

    I find that a lot of teachers understand modifications and pose variations but aren’t able to clearly articulate why something is a progression or regression. This course provides the critical thinking skills needed to articulate the WHY!

    Because of this and all of her other excellent offerings, I have directed many of my students to her work.

    Rocky Heron
    Yoga Maze Teacher Trainer

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