Yoga Deconstructed®
by Trina Altman

Creative Corrective Exercises to Enhance Your Practice and Improve Your Teaching.

Think of Yoga Deconstructed® as a Dynamic Expansion of Traditional Asana

Deconstructing a yoga pose by methodically investigating what is happening joint by joint, in each plane of motion, takes you on a creative journey, filled with endless, playful, and purposeful possibilities. By blending yoga, corrective exercise, Pilates, somatics, and modern movement science, Yoga Deconstructed® helps you stay injury-free while improving your strength, mobility, coordination, and overall well-being.

By incorporating variability, you can free yourself from the “autopilot box” that many traditional practices RELY ON.

Revive your passion and curiosity for the human body. Begin to see through the smoke and mirrors of the one-size-fits-all yoga pose paradigm.

Demystify the inner layers of your body to reveal the infrastructure of asana.

Arm yourself with the knowledge to heal by uncovering kinesthetic “clues” about your daily movement that could be creating pain.

Prevent repetitive stress injuries by adding strength and stability components within familiar yoga poses.

Explore multiple dimensions of movement in a joyful & integrated manner.

Improve your flexibility without sacrificing stability.

Awaken new kinetic chains and master an internal portrait of your body.

Online Courses

Get ready to practice asana with a new found awareness as Trina shares her knowledge of yoga, anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement, and down-regulation of the nervous system. Join Trina Altman B.S., ERYT 500, PMA®-CPT on this journey filled with breath, sensation and embodied exploration!
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Experience how the oblique chains—your body’s diagonals—relate to your core & beyond.

Practice somatic exercises and oscillations to unravel anxiety, stress & tension.

X Rolls & Pitchfork Twists Gyroscopic Eagles & Goddess Hops Ardha Savasana Oscillations & Marichyasana Slides Lean on Me Slides & Dandasana Slides with Leg Pumps Supta Baddhakonasana Bridge Dynamic Squat Bind, and more…

Discover stability and strength at your end ranges-of–motion in safe & surprising ways.

Espresso For Your Posture & Cobra Oscillations Kneeling Ground Hog Day and Yoga Globetrotter Spiralling Upavistha Konasana & Supta Konasana Slides Ardha Savasana Oscillations & The “X” Bridge Skandasana Slides & Warrior II Hops Parsvakonasana with Pass the Block "Bind" Standing Star and more…

Improve Your Teaching skills
A one hour and fifteen minute private session covering the exercises and poses in Class I in which Trina teaches modifications and variations, as well as explaining the “WHY” behind them all.

Use directions of movement as a paradigm for sequencing your classes, client sessions and personal practice.
Learn novel corrective exercises & apply them to classical asanas to mentally and physically inspire your students, your clients, and yourself.

Online Course Details

  • Watch immediately upon purchase
  • Class videos are accessible forever
  • 3.75 Hours total (if you choose to purchase access to all 3 videos)
  • Different options available upon checkout*— purchase access to a single class or multiple course videos ($30 - $80)
  • 3.75 CEUs via Yoga Alliance

* Note that Class III (Private Lesson) can only be purchased with Class I

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About Trina Altman

Trina Altman, E-RYT 500, PMA®-CPT, STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor, leads teacher trainings in anatomy and biomechanics for Yoga Tune Up®, The Roll Model® Method and Rx Series for Equinox locally and internationally. She is the creator of Pilates Deconstructed® and Yoga Deconstructed® which both take an innovative, interdisciplinary approach that fosters an embodied understanding of Pilates and Yoga and their relationship to modern movement science. While at Brown University, Trina took a Kripalu yoga class which ignited her passion for the practice and began the never ending path of becoming a sought after educator. With an emphasis on inner focus, she teaches anatomy for yoga teacher trainings across the country. She has presented at Kripalu, PURE YOGA® NYC, Cal-A-Vie Spa, SYTAR, Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference, ECA, UCLA And multiple yoga conferences. Her teaching style fosters body cognition and self-discovery, firmly grounded in anatomical and biomechanical awareness. Trina builds bridges between the mystical and the pragmatic and specializes in helping others to access their body’s tissues and their heart’s purpose.

Trina teaches public classes in Los Angeles at Equinox and The Moving Joint. Find out more at